Courtney G

No, The Perfect Mom Doesn’t Exist

Even though we love to celebrate the perfect moments we have as parents, we have to understand that being a perfect mom is impossible. As much as we’d love to be perfect mothers, it isn’t the reality and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Our mistakes help us learn and grow as parents. It’s all part of the adventure of parenting. 

Creating Healthy Boundaries in Motherhood

  It’s one of the B words of motherhood. Boundaries. When I’ve simply thought of the word, I immediately imagined an iron fence with a sign of aggressive red words saying things like “KEEP OUT!” or “BEWARE OF DOG!” But as I’ve learned more about boundaries, specifically with motherhood, I now have a healthier meaning of the word and how it can make me AND my relationships stronger.

Mourning Your Life Before Motherhood

Nothing prepares you with how you will feel after your baby is born nor can you fully prepare, predict or even guess what it will truly be like. Sure, there are plenty of movies, television shows, reality shows, books, doctor appointments, and even some funny stories from friends and family, but the true reality is different for every mother.